AFF – Day 3

On this morning the weather looked jumpable. So we headed out to the dropzone. There was space for only one or two of us to make their first jump, which they did! I was scheduled for the next flight so I prepared and put on my suit and parachute. Not much later we heard the Dutch airforce held some kind of military practice and we weren’t allowed to go up at all. So I got scheduled to a couple of flights later. So I took my rig off again and waited.

After the airspace was cleared again I started to prepare again but soon I heard the winds were now too strong for AFF. So we had had to play the waiting game again. Slowly the anticipation grew once more, only to hear that the winds and clouds were only going to get worse. They would call us, if by some miracle things would clear up again.

So as you can imagine, the day was a little bit of a┬ároller coaster┬áride. It went from yes, I’m about to jump now to there’s no chance.

We simply spent the afternoon flying a big kite on the beach. It had toggles so it was as close as it could get for that day (I actually performed a full canopy check under the square kite!). We played some soccer before dark and we called it a day.

Looking at the forecasts, in some mornings it might be possible to jump, but the real good weather is going to be here friday and the days after. I might have to stay here a bit longer than originally booked for but I’m not leaving this place without finishing my AFF course ;)

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I am 22 years old. I'm studying computer engineering in Groningen, the Netherlands. I like music, movies, skydiving, the weather, piano, computers and snowboarding!
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